Blue Sierra Pine

Owner: Amber and Tom Stevens
Glacier Ridge.

Formerly named Wamps Production, this stallion has a name change pending to Blue Sierra Pine. This double registered AQHA/IBHA stallion is a grullo with dun factor striping. He is well-bred, with Sugar Bars, Clabber, King, Three Jets, and Poco Pine all in his 4th generation.

In addition, he has partial brindle streaking on one flank. His previous owner, Susy Fisher, reported to me that "they are seasonal" and "he gets more each year." This is similar to the way the pattern develops in the offspring of one of my brindle mares (Ima Star Moon Bar). I am interested in following any offspring of this stallion for the development of this seasonal brindle streaking, and correlating it with data from my mares.

Purchased by Amber and Tom Stevens in 2003, he will be standing at stud in Northwood, Iowa. Visit her website for more information.

Side note: They do have frozen semen available.

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