Chato's Shadow

Spanish Mustang Stallion registered in three differrent mustang registries: Spanish Mustang Registry #1531, Southwest Spanish Mustang Registry #1459, and Sorraaia Mustang Studbook #T53. They have a webpage at

Chato's Shadow does indeed seem to be carrying both dun factor (grullo) and brindle. His pedigree is at the bottom of the page.

He has produced foals with similar mottling, although not to the extent he has. On these horses it is difficult to determine if the markings are just extensive dun factor, or are perhaps partial brindling as well.

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Pedigree for: Chatos Shadow - Grullo + Brindle

Sire's Sire:

Sire's Dam:
Gray Mare


Dam's Sire:

Dam's Dam:
Blue Monday