Dunbars Gold

Delos "Spike" Dunbar
Carole Dunbar
Buchannan, MI


Dunbar's Gold is a 1996 colt registered with the AQHA. Owner Delos "Spike" Dunbar called the local newspapers out when this foal was born, because in his 35 years of raising horses, he had never seen anything like this colt. At the top is a picture of him as a weanling. Below are his current pictures, pedigree, and pictures of some of his foals from his first foal crop.


Weanling picture above

Yearling pictures on the left

2 year old pictures below

Dunbar's Gold is by a red dun sire, Two D Nine, who won a halter futurity in 1974 at an Illinois/Indiana Buckskin Futurity. Two D Nine's dam, Miss Two Larue, has 13 AQHA points in halter, and 9 working points. Dunbar's Gold is out of a red dun Quarter Horse mare named Outa Chigger. She has had four foals since the Dunbar's got her; two duns, one sorrel, and the brindle colt featured this month. As you can see from their photographs, neither parent showed any obvious signs of striping, other than the usual dun factor markings associated with the dun dilution. An analysis of their pedigrees shows no "up close" common ancestors with any other brindles that we know of. There have been some remote common ancestors, but we don't know if this is any significance as of yet. Remote ancestors include Silver King, Tom Adair, Poco Bueno breeding, and Waggoner breeding. Below are pictures of the sire and dam.

If you are interested in breeding to him, please let me know, as I would like to document his foals. I would need pictures and pedigree information on the mare, and pictures when the foal is born, with updated photos at least yearly. You can contact me (209) 477-1536, Sharon Batteate, PO Box 8535, Stockton, CA 95208 USA.

Pedigree for: Dunbar's Gold AQHA #3532323
Sire: Two D Nine
AQHA #1064041
Grand Sire: Total Nine
Sorrel AQHA #682574
Spanish Clipper
Spanish Fort
Connie Kay
Heavy Red
Grand Dam: Miss Two Larue
Dun AQHA #453805
Two Larue
Two D Two
Latigo Kiowa
Latigo Lad
Dam: Outa Chigger
Red Dun
AQHA #1021154
Grand Sire: Outa Utopia
Dun AQHA # 499117
Poco Pico Jr
Poco Pico
Miss Utopia
Mark Bailey
Grand Dam: Chiggerine
Sorrel AQHA #95831
Muller's Bob
King Bob
Chigger McCue
Jack McCue

Below are pictures of some of Dunbar Gold's foals from his first foal crop in 1999.

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