FRS Reckless Dan

Owner: Don Christiansen. You will need to contact them for breeding information and contracts. For inquiries, you can visit their website at

Stud Fee: $500 - frozen or cooled shipped semen available

Breeders & Stallions list

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Pedigree for: FRS Reckless Dan AQHA# 3641242
Daniel J Bee
AQHA #1981402
Sire's Sire:
Jackie Bee
Gray AQHA #0205387
Jimmy Mac Bee
Sonny Day Bee
Jackie Diane
Jack R
Sire's Dam:
Skips Ate Anda Haf
Dun AQHA # 1427957
Skip Badlands 254
Skip Silent
Rio's Dol Lea
Teddy Rio
Reckless Patty
AQHA # 1319232
Dam's Sire:
Reckless Roan
Gray AQHA # 0598184
Breeze Chris
Skip School
Easy Gray
Breeze Chris
Dam's Dam:
Twisty Easy
Sorrel AQHA # 0858835
Dobie Twist
Yuma Twist
Easy Gray
Breeze Chris