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Our featured horse this month is a good example of how the brindle pattern in horses is not always obvious. Ima Star Moon Bar (Star) is a buckskin mare that only shows her brindling seasonally. Some years, you can barely see the pattern. Other years, it is more pronounced. Spring and fall are the best times to notice her brindling.

picture of seasonal variation

Star, however, does have coat texturing year round. Coat texturing is also seen in some appaloosa horses. Sections of the coat seem to be raised (or stand up) from other sections of the coat. Star has had one foal to date, the silver grulla in the slideshow, who also exhibits coat texturing and faint brindling.

picture of coat texturing

Ima Star Moon Bar is a registered quarter horse mare by the buckskin stallion Desert Moon Bar out of the sorrel mare Cimarron Sissy. There were 7 full brothers and sisters from this cross. Since the pattern is not always obvious on Star, some of her siblings might also be brindle carriers. We would like to examine the other siblings for evidence of brindling. The breeders were Beverly and Calvin Scott of Oak Springs Ranch, Valley Springs, Ca. Calvin sold all his horses when Beverly passed away, but unfortunately the transfers were not sent in on some of the horses, so we have no idea where they are now. If anyone knows the whereabouts of the following horses, could you please contact us-----Deserts Whatalass, Deserts Dusty, Desert Copper Girl, Desert Autumn Lass, and Moons Desercon.

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