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Featured horse this month is Pocos Van Gogh, a 1990 Brown stallion registered with both the AQHA (#2907119) and National Foundation Quarter Horse Association (#F03540), in which he is classed as 99% foundation bred, with 45% line breeding to Poco Bueno. When I checked with AQHA in August '97, he only had four foals on record. While this was only a limited number of foals to work with, if any one of them had been a brindle, I would have known he was a carrier. I wrote the breeder of Pocos Van Gogh, and each foal's owner and breeder, but only one replied with photos and information. That foal appears to be an ordinary mahogany bay.

When I first saw pictures of "Vinnie", I thought he might be the color Brenda's Baybe's unnamed foal would have shed out to be had she lived (featured horse in Nov '97). In the photo of her on the right, I felt her gray areas would have shed out dark / black, and the buff areas would have shed out brown, and that the pattern thus would have been very hard to see on her when she shed out her foal coat. I figured her to be brindle on black or brown, and that is what "Vinnie" appears to me to be - brindle on brown. Also, there are reports of brindle in both dogs and cattle in which the brindle streaks are so wide and in such number as to make the animal appear almost solid colored, which also might be what is happening in "Vinnie's" case. Thus, even though Pocos Van Gogh's pattern is not as evident as last month's featured horse (Dunbar's Gold), I think there is a good chance "Vinnie" probably is a brindle carrier. However, the dapple pattern can also break up coats into streaked and splotched patterns, so for now I must class him as indeterminate, but am eagerly waiting to gather more data on any foals he produces. If he produces a brindle foal, then we will know he is a carrier.

If you are interested in breeding to him, please let me know, as I would like to document his foals. I would need pictures and pedigree information on the mare, and pictures when the foal is born, with updated photos at least yearly. You can contact me (209) 477-1536, Sharon Batteate, PO Box 8535, Stockton, CA 95208 USA. Pocos Van Gogh's owners have been working with "Vinnie" on collection, and plan on shipping semen to make it easier to breed to him. For stud fees and breeding arrangements, contact his owners: (608) 833-6275, Tim and Camille Connelly, 7414 Valley View Road, Verona, WI 53593 USA,

Poco Bueno Tom
AQHA #474851
Show ROM Sire
Poco Bueno
Brown AQHA #3044
King P-234
Miss Taylor
Old Poco Bueno
Grand Dam:
Tom's Tina
Dun AQHA #85327
Poco Tom
Poco Bueno
Fancy Stone
Miss Poco 035
AQHA #2653347
Grand Sire:
Poco Cuff
Bay AQHA #365648
Poco Bueno
King P-234
Freckles Miss 84
Freckles' Boy
Grand Dam:
Loh's Ruby
Bay AQHA #694148
Poco Loh
Poco Robinhood
Tai Mei Wimpy
Loyal Wimpy

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