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Thanks to all of you who have been checking back, even though I haven't been able to do an update for 4 months now. We were back in Kentucky ( my daughter went to the USPC National Championships - her team placed 2nd in dressage), and we came back thru Kansas where they were holding the Buckskin World show. Unfortunately, when we got back a call was waiting for us regarding my father, and I had to head right back out to Texas. I have been back and forth, but have had so many ribbon orders for upcoming fall shows, that I haven't been able to squeeze in an update. I leave tomorrow again for Texas, but wanted to post a few brief notes before I left.

While in Kentucky, I was able to locate the reported brindle at the Kentucky Horse Park. She has a partial brindle pattern on one side, and I will get the photos scanned and info put up in November. If you are going to the Kentucky Horse Park, be sure and go by the "big barn" and ask to see "Slewcy".

In Kansas, I saw a 3 yr red dun stallion with some streaking over one hip that resembled partial brindling. It turns out he is for sale for $2,000 or offer, and I would like whoever purchases him to keep me informed of any offspring. While the streaks may be related to the dun factor, or may just be a coat developmental variation, the streaks sure resembled the brindle streaks on my mares, and I would like to track any offspring he has for inheritability of the pattern. For more information on him, you can contact the owners at 580-759-2740, Kathy Soloman, in Oklahoma. His name was Blondys Final Datar, AQHA# 0324638.

Another brindle yearling stallion has also turned up in South Dakota, although I haven't seen pictures of him yet Photos just came in - see the top of the page. The owner took him to a sale and passed him out. After the sale, he was offered $10,000 and turned it down also. I don't blame him as extensively patterned brindles are extremely rare. The owner says if you are interested in purchasing him, you can contact him at 605-598-4142, ask for Mr. Selding. The horse's name is FRS Reckless Dan, AQHA# 3641242.

You might want to check out the October breeds issue of Western Horseman. In the back is a picture of Dunbar's Gold for a new registry just started by Anita Garza called the "Brindle and Striped Equine International." I haven't had a chance to talk to her very much about her registry, but understand she is registering brindle, heavy dun factor, "netting", horses, zebra hybrids, zebras, donkeys, mules, ponies, etc. Contact her for more detailed information at 409-793-4207, Anita Garza, 11819 Puska, Needville, Texas, 77461.

I have left up the table of reported Brindles. I still have some photos of possible brindles to scan and put up, but may not be able to complete them until Novemeber now. The photos on the table, even though small, take a while to load because they are links to larger photos, and the larger photos are the ones that are being loaded. However, you can scroll down and read the table, and click on the unloaded photo box to jump to that larger picture if you wish. If it shows the photo as being not found, it is one of the photos I haven't completed yet.

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