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    Nov, 2008
Move of the Brindle Horses site to Geocities as AOL is closing down their webpages. Update on the slideshow, which is now split into two different portions. One is for Confirmed Brindle Patterns, and the other is for Partial Brindling and indeterminate patterns.

    Sept, 2007
Pictures recently sent in on some eye-popping brindles, and a colt for sale from the brindled mare "Peanut." Discussion on chimerism as not being the only source of the brindle pattern with references to two lines of inheritable brindle.

    Mar. 2007
Information on recent articles about the Brindle Pattern and the stallion Mr Silver Poco Pine. New online Report forms added to the website.

    Oct, 2006
Brindle mare Miss Rollin Lark for sale; owned by Sabrina Sosteen. News on the article in the Feb 2006 AQHA Journal on chimerism as a source of some brindle patterns.

    Jan, 2005
Purchasers of horses from the Batty Atty Acres dispersal sale listed. Bits and pieces on other brindle information.

    Mar, 2004
Brindle Baby Tally results from Denise Charpilloz and Batty Atty Acres. Bits and pieces on other brindle information.

    Feb, 2004
Updated picture of Reckless Dan and information on Sara Gruen's book titled "Riding Lessons" that featured a brindle horse.

    Oct, 2003
Pictures of a brindled Polish Konik for sale. Notice of dispersal sale for Batty Atty Acres.

    July, 2002
Picture of Brenda Batty Atty and notes on problems with AOL website.

    Feb, 2002
Picture of Sharp One owned by Denise Charpilloz. Bits and pieces on other brindles for sale.

    Oct, 2001
Picture of a grulla with brindling on one hip owned by Susy Fisher. Bits and Pieces on other brindles for sale.

    Feb, 2001
Bits and Pieces on various brindles reported. Picture of Dunbar's Gold.

    May, 2000
Information on Brenda Batty Atty (IBHA), and evidence for a brindle gene from her production records. Discussion of Phenotype (outward appearance) vs Genotype (actual genetic composition). Some brindle patterns seem to be the result of Chimerism (Mar. 2000), while others may be the result of a brindle gene.

    April, 2000
Bits and Pieces on various brindles reported. Picture of Slewcy (TB), and her partial brindle pattern.

    Mar. 2000
Information on Catch A Bird (TB), and some thoughts on Brindle patterns seeming to appear in white. Discussion of Mosaic or Chimera as an origin of some brindle patterns (phenotype vs genotype).

    Aug. 1999
Bits and Pieces on various brindles reported. Picture of Ginger (AQHA), and her dam Sunnys Coppertone (AQHA), who now has a page in the "horses for sale" section.

    Oct. 1998
Bits and Pieces on various brindles reported. Picture of FRS Reckless Dan (AQHA), who now has a page in the stallion section.

    June, 1998
Table of Brindles first posted on the Brindle Horse website. Horses are sorted by pattern, from full to partial streaking patterns.

    May, 1998
More Recent References to the Brindle Pattern (after 1980). Historical article with references to Sponenberg, Jones & Bogart, Silvers, and articles in various magazines.

    April, 1998
Early References to the Brindle Pattern (prior to 1980). Historical article with references to Solanet, Lusis, Odriozola, Wiersema, and early IBHA literature.

    Mar. 1998
Information, pedigree, and pictures of The Tiger Dude (AQHA), who is so far the oldest AQHA of record I have discovered with the brindle pattern.

    Jan. 1998
Information on Pocos Van Gogh (AQHA), pedigree, pictures of his partial pattern, and discussion of him being a possible brindle versus other factors that could account for his pattern instead.

    Dec. 1997
Information on Dunbar's Gold (AQHA), pedigree, pictures of him as a yearling, and pictures of his sire and dam.

    Nov. 1997
Information on Brenda's Baybe (daughter of Brenda Batty Atty) and how the brindle pattern is not always apparent on red bay colors. Pictures of Brenda's Baybe's foals, demonstrating the inheritability of some brindle patterns. Discussion of foal coat texturing, and how it is not necessarily related to brindling, even though it may appear similar in foals.

    Oct. 1997
Discussion of partial streaking patterns that resemble brindling, and of how these patterns can appear in either dark or light (white) hair. Pictures of SBR Moonlite Streaker (APHA), a Bavarian Warmblood filly, and the "Chorreado" pattern on a Thoroughbred. Expanded discussion of Solanet's observations from a recent translation of his book, in comparing "chorreado" to "gateado barcino." Speculation as to partial streaking patterns as coat developmental variations, or as minimal expression of brindle.

    Sept. 1997
Information on Ima Star Candy Bar (AQHA), picture as a weanling, development of seasonal brindling from birth - 2 yrs, and speculation as to possible different genes responsible for an outwardly phenotypical brindle pattern.

    Aug. 1997
Information on Snips Tiger Miss (AQHA), picture as a weanling, and information on sire, dam, and siblings.

    July, 1997
Information on Pocos Scooter Bar (AQHA), pictures of him as a yearling and as an older horse, and breeding history.

    June, 1997
Brief information on Ima Star Moon Bar (AQHA), pictures showing her seasonal brindling, and comparison to coat texturing in appaloosa horses.

    May, 1997
Brief information on Dunbar's Gold (AQHA), pictures of him as a weanling, pictures of his sire and dam, and speculation on how the brindle pattern can appear from non-marked parents.

    April, 1997
Information on Gateado Barcino striping in Criollo Horses, and its similarity to the brindle pattern as noted by various authors.

    Mar. 1997
Excerpts from J. A. Lusis's original 1942 article on the Russian Brindle Horse, in which the pattern in horses was first classified as "brindle."

    Feb. 1997
Brief information on Brenda Batty Atty (IBHA), and some general information on the brindle pattern.

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